Do you wanna live forever?

During all these difficult years of illness, I have found, in the darkest moments, the help of women that, for no understandable reason, have provided me with their support both moral and pragmatic, giving me the chance to take the right path again. This salvific role of women in society has been described numerous times, since the Greek mythology and probably before. Suffice to think of Arianna, who helped Teseo in his come back from the Labyrinth, or of Beatrice who asked for the help of Virgilio on behalf of Dante at the beginning of his terrible journey through Inferno. It is possible that without this invisible but continuous effort through the History of mankind, things would have been far worse than they actually are.

Un pensiero su “Do you wanna live forever?

  1. Maybe this “no understandable reason” is the innate need humans have, especially women,to feel gratified and necessary to the specie. We can only be fullfilled when we satisfy this primal call. In essence we help to help ourself.

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