The end of magic

In these long years, I have not been able to draw for most of the time, but even in the worst moments, my mind elaborated images that I could then put on paper as soon as I would have been able to. Now I can’t even think of these images, which tells me that something new has occurred to my mind. I have been drawing and thinking of images since I was four. Then, when I was a young adult, I found that these images could be translated into mathematical ideas, which opened another world for me. I don’t know whether the disease has taken completely over or if this is part of the process of ageing, but it is very hard to accept.


5 thoughts on “The end of magic

  1. It’s sad to hear it. I hope it’s just a moment that will pass. It’s such a big part of your identity that I want to belive it’s not “the end of magic”.


    1. Giada I think that each of us has loss. Maybe when we lose something, we can feel that our identity has not been lost – but we are also undergoing some kind of transformation on a spiritual level.


      1. I agree, Libby, but since he has ups and downs I want to believe that this is something that he has not lost for good. He already had so much loss on his life. I’ve witnessed that he has not lost his magic touch, so I believe keeping hope, in this instance, is as important as being able to accept loss.


  2. Hello Paolo
    I think that each person has “magic.” To me, the key to this is the willingness to open the heart and share the love that is there. Many people are limited in what they can do. But each person has a heart and a connection to others. Sometimes being ill or disabled has a way of making each of us more kind and patient.
    I hope you have people nearby who love you.


  3. Sorry, he has already had so much loss IN his life.

    I couldn’t correct it or delete it and re-post it, once I posted it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m writing from my phone.


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