My first time with LaTeX

Each mathematical formula I have used in my blog till now was an image: I wrote them in a Word document using the equation editor by Microsoft (that I like very much), then I captured the screen and saved it as an image, and then I uploaded them in my blog.

In the past, I tried to find a way to write them as text, without succeeding. But it is in fact possible, by using the LaTeX syntax and a few HTML commands.

These are the first “true” mathematical formulae present in this blog. I will use this page to test the LaTeX syntax for mathematical expressions (a handbook is available here). In the table that follows, I present a series of relevant examples of LaTeX syntax. A useful resource for testing out LaTeX instructions is this website.

OutputString (to be included between ‘$latex’ and ‘$’)
\mp \mp&s=3
\cdot \cdot&s=3
\neq \neq&s=3
\leq \leq&s=3
\geq \geq&s=3
\sim \sim&s=3
\ll \ll&s=3
\in \in&s=3
\infty \infty&s=3
\Rightarrow \Rightarrow&s=3
\Leftarrow \Leftarrow&s=3
\frac{\partial \Psi(x,y)}{\partial x}\frac{\partial \Psi(x,y)}{\partial x}&s=3
\int_{A_1}\frac{\partial \Psi(x,y)}{\partial x}dx\int_{A_1}\frac{\partial \Psi(x,y)}{\partial x}dx&s=2
\int_{A_1}\int_{A_2}\frac{\partial \Psi(x,y)}{\partial x}dxdy\int_{A_1}\int_{A_2}\frac{\partial \Psi(x,y)}{\partial x}dxdy&s=2
i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>&s=2
\begin{cases}x = b\\ y = 1 + x\end{cases}\begin{cases}x = b\ \y = 1 + x\end{cases}&s=2
\begin{matrix} f(Ab)\,=\,f(A)\,-\,f(AB)\\f(aB)\,=\,f(B)\,-\,f(AB)\end{matrix}\begin{matrix} f(Ab)\,=\,f(A)\,-\,f(AB)\\f(aB)\,=\,f(B)\,-\,f(AB)\end{matrix}&s=2
\begin{pmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{pmatrix}\begin{pmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{pmatrix}&s=2
\begin{bmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{bmatrix}\\begin{bmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{bmatrix}&s=2
\begin{Bmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{Bmatrix}\begin{Bmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{Bmatrix}&s=2
\begin{vmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{vmatrix}\begin{vmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{vmatrix}&s=2
\begin{Vmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{Vmatrix}latex \begin{Vmatrix} f(Ab)\,&\,f(A)\\f(aB)\,&\,f(B)\end{Vmatrix}&s=2


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